A vendatta

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Alive minute the old son made her smell the savoury food, slender her hunger with it. She amateur it over, emptied it, made it repeatedly to the ground with students and stones. Vendetta definition, a private feud in which the members of the family of a murdered person seek to avenge the murder by killing the slayer or one of the slayer's relatives, especially such vengeance as once practiced in Corsica and parts of Italy.

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Vendetta has been getting even in English since the midth century.


English speakers borrowed vendetta, spelling and all, from Italian, in which it means "revenge." It ultimately traces to the Latin verb vindicare, which means "to lay claim to" or "to avenge.". La Vendetta was the first work in the second volume of the series. In July a fifth edition of La Vendetta appeared in Furne's first publication of La Comédie humaine.

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A vendatta
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