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Olper's Full Cream Milk - Standardized UHT Milk - Tetra SKU Packed With Twist Off Cap

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Baby Care; Baby Food; Imported Brands. Introduction Industry Highlights • Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer country in the world • Milk produced million tons • Pakistan is the 2nd largest country of buffalo milk producer in the world • Live stock has increased to • Milk produced this year is Million tons • Consumption of UHT Milk is around %.

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To point out, the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) termed six UHT milk brands including Olpers as fit for human health in January Be the first to review “Olper’s UHT Full Cream Milk – 1 Ltr x 12” Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *.

It manufactures UHT Milk, Cream and Butter as well as fruit Juices. Company Vision Ø Vision of Nestle Milkpak is to expand business according to the increasing demand of market.

‘Olper’s is a % preservative free UHT milk and Engro Foods premium dairy brand. It is also the market leader in packaging innovation where new formats are introduced to make consumer lives hassle-free in today’s time-sensitive world’ the official briefing elaborated.

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Only six milk brands fit for consumption in Pakistan - Pakistan - instituteforzentherapy.com