Shark fins

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Shark Fin, Pensacola

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Selling shark fins now banned in Rhode Island

Today, fins are the most valuable part of a shark. The targeted shark-fin fisheries around the world are trading the fins of roughly to million sharks every year (according to a estimate).

Driving this trade is the demand for and consumption of shark fin soup in Asia. At Beats-Sonic USA, we are innovation and design leaders to provide consumers with high quality products that incorporate high technology. Our products are designed and engineered in Japan by industry's leading engineers using the latest technology.

The demand for shark fins is widely recognized as one of the major contributors to shark mortality around the world. However, solutions to decrease this demand are. The shark dress is a fun dress for has a dorsal fin on the back Kid Shark Swim Fin Animal Swim Ring Float Toy Aid Pool Floats Swimming Aid Fin for Girls/Boys by Saiman.

Shark fins
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